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Playing toddlers

Dr. Weitzman weighs in how childcare does not cause behavioral issues in young children

Dr. Weitzman weighs in about the impact of COVID on youth


Dr. Weitzman talks about the stress of COVID in this NY Times article. 


Learn about the science of tantrums in this NY Times article that includes Dr. Weitzman

Dr. Carol Weitzman, M.D. authored an invited commentary in Pediatrics  talking about the complexities of child development and how to reduce threats to their well-being and development.

Dr. Weitzman recently authored a blog post describing why people with ADHD often tend to put things off and offers strategies to help!

Carol Weitzman, AAP News Jan 2019

Up to 30% of youths will develop anxiety disorders; how you can help

Document guides care of youths prescribed antipsychotic medications, Carol Weitzman, AAP News, May 2019

Proud to have served on the expert panel that produced this document

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