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Frequently Asked Questions

What is " Board-certified Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrician and why does it matter?" 

Developmental and behavioral pediatrics (DBP) is a branch of pediatrics that addresses the physical, emotional, behavioral and social development of children and adolescents. DBP involves understanding that each child is an individual and that emotional, behavioral, intellectual, and social health are critical to helping children and adolescents reach their full potential.  The DBP approach tends to be interdisciplinary and we collaborate with professionals who are involved in children's lives.  Board certified DBPs have completed a 3-year fellowship training and successfully passed certifying exams designed by the American Board of Pediatrics for this specialty. When you see a clinician who is a board certified DBP, you can be assured that they have been trained to a high level of expertise. 

What is a BCBA-D? 

A BCBA-D is a doctoral level behavior analyst with expertise in conducting individualized behavioral assessments and treatment procedures based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)These principles can be used to understand anything from common to complex behaviors. 

How many times will my child  be seen? 

After you have contacted us, an appointment will be scheduled with a developmental-behavioral pediatrician or psychologist. At that initial appointment, a specific evaluation and treatment plan tailored to your child's needs will be discussed.  Most evaluations require 3 visits and include a session devoted to reviewing the findings. We gather information from other providers including teachers so we can get to know your child and give you the most specific and relevant recommendations.

Will I get a written report at the end of the evaluation? 

A written report is provided but in order to make services as cost-effective and efficient as possible for families, we strive to create practical reports that can be shared by parents with schools, therapists, etc

Does the practice accept insurance? 

We do not participate in any insurance plans.  However, we will provide you with a billing statement that you may send to your insurance company to assist you with reimbursement. Many insurance providers cover all or portions of the services we provide. We do offer a private fee scale and we will provide you with an encounter form that you may send to your insurance company. We recommend that you contact your plan in advance to see if your visit might be reimbursed.Please contact our office for the particular codes that might be used for your visits to our center. Your insurance can then verify for you whether or not you will be reimbursed. Make sure to mention that Drs. Weitzman and Avni-Singer are the only board certified  developmental and behavioral pediatricians in private practice in CT and that Dr. Kuhn is a licensed psychologist and behavior analyst in the state of CT,  as this may help with reimbursement. 

What ages of children are seen at the CT Center for Developmental Pediatrics? 

We see children from infancy through age 21

How should I prepare my child for this visit? 

Be open and honest with your child about why they are coming but frame it in a positive light!  Explain that seeing these doctors help children with thinking, feeling and learning.  Visits should be fun and enjoyable experiences where we will likely play, talk, draw and do some school-like work. We don’t give shots or do other things that hurt.  Let them know that everything that is talked about is private and reassure them that they aren't coming because they are in trouble.  Make sure they know that we are here to listen and to help.  

Do you prescribe medications? 

In partnership with families, we often prescribe medications to treat conditions that would benefit from this and are recommended.  

How do your services differ from other professionals who evaluate children? 

We integrate medical, developmental, and psychological perspectives and provide comprehensive, individualized assessments of children and adolescents. We look carefully at strengths as well as vulnerabilities. We recognize that every child is unique and we do not reduce children to a list of diagnoses and problems. We are often asked to provide second opinions.  We take the time to get to know your child and your family as part of a careful, effective assessment and family-centered treatment. 

Using our portal

Getting started with CT Center for Developmental Pediatrics

Our practice uses a HIPAA compliant electronic health record and all of our forms can be completed online or uploaded through our patient-friendly portal. 

When you call the practice you will be helped to join the our portal and our intake packet, which consists of our new patient questionnaire, privacy forms and office policies will be sent to you that way. This is the best way to maintain your privacy.  In addition, we often will ask you and your child's teacher to complete standardized questionnaires so we can best understand your child's functioning across domains of development and behavior.   Most of these are completed online. 

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